Basic Engineering

All engineering processes require to be checked on the basis of conceptual as well as basic engineering needs that have to be fulfilled in order to bring the project to a successful culmination. At Steel Structural Consultant, the basic requirements along with the guidelines are usually discussed with the client before the project kicks off.

Previous studies form the basis of the technical report, which is taken into consideration along with the financial feasibility of the project. The technologies that can be used as well as the framework is prepared by a team of qualified engineers with the help of the following:-

Feasibility analysis

This is an evaluation or analysis of the project as proposed by the client. It is based on research and investigation of the technical, legal as well as the economic aspects. The report submitted after the analysis forms an important part of the decision making process as well.

Process flow diagram

Also known as a flow sheet the PFD is a diagram depicting the plant processes required along with the equipments to be utilized. The PFD usually includes the general information regarding the main equipments, valves, piping process, system connections, and the process stream names along with the basic data about temperature, density, pressure etc.

Development of Process and instrument Diagram (P&ID)

This particular diagram does not have a uniform structure as it varies considerably depending on the nature of the project as well as its target audience. Details of all the components to be used by different disciplines of engineering are detailed in the diagram. The instrumentation connections are also included in a P&ID usually.

Heat and mass balance

The process engineers are responsible for producing this document and includes the entire process stream depicted in the PFD. The engineers make use of both the energy balance equation as well as mass balance equation by applying it to every equipment.

BOP/Utility engineering

Balance of Plant engineering is essential to analyze the technical problems of the project and identify the requirements. Managing risks, coordinating and relocating the project design, on the other hand is the responsibility of an utility engineer.

Equipment/process Data sheets

Documents detailing a particular process, showing the physical assembly along with specific sheets listing the equipments required are often prepared for the suppliers.

Engineering Specifications

A set of specific requirements listed out for design, materials, and service is essential to maintain quality.

Plant engineering

This branch of engineering deals with specific manufacturing knowledge that helps an engineer to operate the plant efficiently.

Development plot plans

This is an architectural drawing showing the utilities, equipments and other details required for developing the project.

Equipment & piping Layouts

Preparing the layout with the help of flow diagrams and specific software is the responsibility of the designer associated with the project.

Conceptual Layouts

This is a 2D or 3D plan depicting the project as it is supposed to look after completion.