CIVIL Engineering

Civil engineering is one of the oldest disciplines of engineering. It deals with man-made structures as well as improvement of natural environment. This branch of engineering is concerned with designing, construction as well as maintenance of bridges, roads, buildings, dams etc. It is considered to be one of the most important departments of public utility works and is equally important in the private sector where it is utilized for tasks as simple as construction of a residential house to relatively complex constructions required by international/multinational companies. Architecture, an engineering discipline in its own right had been a sub-discipline of civil engineering in the past.

At Steel Structural Consultant, you can avail expert service and guidance on civil engineering projects which includes the following:

Civil and architectural Design For Building, cooling tower, chimney Etc

The designing of a cooling tower is vital as it has to be constructed in such a way as to avoid environmental pollution especially while dissipating heat from nuclear power plants. A hyperboloid design is the most accepted form of cooling towers because of the strength of its structure. The temperature, composition of flue gases, as well as the frictional resistance between different components are taken into consideration while designing an industrial chimney. Being experts in civil engineering domain, we understand and value a building design which is relatively simple but requires careful consideration of the parameters required according to its purpose.

Design of structural skeleton for the required applications

This refers to the designing of the frame work for any kind of building or concrete structure. The vertical columns along with the horizontal beams and the rectangular grid on which they are going to be placed is emphasized in the diagrams and often includes skeletal structures of bridges, mega-cities, artificial islands etc. The weight of the structure is supported by the frame instead of its walls here and the design requires to be perfect in every way.

Structural analysis

This is the process that determines the load on various civil engineering structures like buildings, bridges, towers etc. This analysis saves the need for physical test usually as the results are enough to check the fitness of the construction and its usability.

Foundation designs

These designs deal with proper load bearing capacity of the civil structures. However, the basic design is based on settlement as well as the bearing capacity and is often done by a structural engineer. Considering the differential settlement is vital here.

Structural fabrication drawings

The fabrication drawing is usually made by a steel detailer in compliance with the AISC and AWS standards. The dimensions of the structure, strength and integrity are included in the drawings before being released for fabrication. The detailer generally submits the drawing for review to the architect and structural engineer prior to finalization.