Detail Engineering

Detail Engineering consists of a design process where the engineer attempts to describe the entire process by means of solid modeling based on principals of mathematics and 3-D models as well as a set of drawings that depict the process step by step. At Steel Structural Consultant the specifications that are taken into consideration here include the following:

Process engineering

This particular engineering deals with the design, operation, control, and optimization of the entire process. This is used across a range of industries.

Basic engineering Design Basis

This part of engineering is responsible for providing the required information to be utilized in the integration of newer units into the already existing process.

Preparation of Process Flow diagram & P&ID

This concerns the preparation of ‘piping and instrumentation’ drawing showing the flow of the entire piping process together with the equipments installed and the instrumentation.

Line sizing & pressure drop calculations

The size of the line required to hold a certain amount of water/liquid along with the drop in pressure for various pipes and ducts are calculated well before the initiation of the project.

Heat and mass balance diagram its calculation

A diagram depicting the entire process stream is often drawn by the design engineers and its calculation completed before the project gets underway.

Process data sheet for Various Equipment

like Distillation column, reboiler, Heat exchanger, Deaerator, pumps etc – Preparing a data sheet containing the specifications and other details of all the equipments to be used is essential too. The sheets contain multiple tags allowing the engineers to synchronize it with the process data base.

Preparation of technical/engineering Specifications for package as well as bought items

like Cooling Towers, Diverter Damper, Silencer, Bellows, Pumps, Valves, Filters, PRDS, Flow meters, Compressors, Water softeners, etc- Engineering or technical specification is prepared by a qualified engineer so that every item can be used effectively thereby providing better value for money with minimal associated risks both technical and commercial.

Technical specification for Steam Turbine & it’s accessories

Knowledge about the specification for each accessory for the gas turbine includes manufacturing and performance details.

Thermal design

Includes calculating potential for waste heat recovery, method to recover heat from source, designing the system for to ensure maximum recovery of heat- Also known as the thermal design point it plays an important role in the design of ‘CPU cooling systems.’