Piping Engineering

Piping engineering is concerned with transfer of liquids and gases through a system of pipes made according to particular specifications. The term piping is also used to describe the design of piping that is physically laid out within a plant or a commercial structure. Piping engineers at Steel Structural Consultant have the required amount of experience to serve in this field of expertise. All our engineers are knowledgeable about different kinds of piping materials and are thus able to calculate the rate of flow through them while taking the pressure, temperature, and other physical properties. Fitting of valves and other in-line components are also a part of the piping engineer’s responsibility. Other major tasks that our team of engineers undertakes include:-

Piping engineering design Basis

The design prepared by the engineers is concerned with the efficient transfer of the fluid and gas through the pipes. The detailed layout plan of the pipes form the basis of the design. It was made by hand earlier but the engineers of today use computer aided software of creating the design.

Specifications for pipe, fittings, valves, Insulation, Paint, strainers, trap, etc

Understanding and conveying the specifications for all in-line components is also the responsibility of a piping engineer. The components can be made of various materials like steel, glass, copper etc and the specifications vary according to the pressure, temperature and flow-rate of the fluid/gas to be regulated via the components.

Code Calculations as per IBR, IS, ASME, API and BS Standards

The calculations help the engineer to understand the various related stresses and is requires to meet the universal standards.

Preparation of Piping GA, modeling of plant in 3D’s/2D’s

The general arrangement for layout of the pipes are usually created both in 2D and 3D.

Underground Piping

This requires careful designing after taking the high pressure on the piping and its large diameter into account.

Fire fighting

preparation of scheme and getting offers & finalizing contractor- It is useful to have a prepared plan for taking care of fire hazards during the layout of pipes. Sending out tenders for materials, and considering the offers along with finalizing the best is a crucial part of the engineer’s task as well.

Pipe rack detailing

This is considered to be the lifeline of a piping design as it is required to carry the cable trays and pipes across equipments within a single process unit.

Construction isometrics including details of welding, testing etc

This represents the detailed drawing of a 3D piping structure via a 2D diagram.

Piping BOQ

Also known as Material summary, the BOQ consists of the total number of materials needed for the entire project. The Bill of Quantity is usually prepared for the supplier for an estimate or purchasing purpose.

Piping Support drawing and detailing

This is a detailed drawing of pipe supports that are used to transfer the load from pipes to the other supporting structures.

Stress /flexibility analysis of high pressure and high temp. critical lines

Also known as pipe stress analysis, this diagram predicts the strain and stress on the piping due to thermal gradients and pressure differences.

Specifications for spring hangers, rigid hangers, sways, strut etc

Details of dimensional measures for different piping devices are required for final equipment procurement.